nbn Fibre Upgrades – On Demand

Heard about it?

nbn have been expanding out their Fibre upgrade programs. Basically if you are in FTTN or FTTC areas you may be eligible for a flip to fibre when ordering higher speed tiers from the RSP (Retail Service Provider)

But if you are on nbn Skymuster, nbn Fixed Wireless, FTTB or HFC….. Fibre flips aren’t being offered unless you opt for “Tech Choice” whereby the Fibre Installation is quoted individually. Now for HFC the DOCSIS being used will support the higher speeds, but no, technically it isn’t the ‘exactly’ same as fibre.

  • So how do I know if I can get it?

Go to www.nbnco.com.au and type in your address, it will tell you if it ready to order. ie fibre is in the street and nbn have crews ready to install to home! Lucky you (and me as I upgraded without hesitation). Now go get an RSP that offers the speed and upgrade – google it or even bing it if you must.

  • I am in FTTN and it doesn’t say I can get it??? What now?

This is a bit harder, in prepping suburbs nbn installing fibre in the streets and these programs are massive it effort and time risks. nbn may very well have your street planned but it appears you won’t know until its all ready to go…….. That could be a bit challenging as maybe you’re about to buy Starlink but….. had you have known an eta for your street, you’d likely hold off for nbn fibre if it wasn’t moons away…

  • Can I get an idea of when?? From somewhere else?

Yes – now nbn do release a bit of a heads up on planned areas, however, remember these aren’t committed dates as things can happen on site that block progress for quite some time. I cannot imagine nbn wants to commit here until they are 100% ready to deliver to the home when ordered. It’s a good policy as they don’t want to string you along and have dates move all the time (reality of civil projects in established suburbs). But, you can check out this stellar effort to convert API’s and represent on maps where and when(ish) ‘nbn-upgrade-map’. It won’t search by street address, but type in the Suburb and you can deduce your location and by clicking on the dot it will expand with something like this:

It’s very handy to get an idea, but further than that, remember nbn will only tell you when using their site www.nbnco.com.au if it is ready to order. But okay if that’s helps you hold off a bit on Starlink as you know Fibre is still better…. then great. The question is how long would you wait? 🙂

What has CQ Wireless got to do with the above?

Well, we like to see our area shift from bad internet to great internet and nbn Fibre is a pretty good option (its 2024 at the time of this post).

We are not sponsored nor do we receive commissions for the above comments. Our views are ours alone and we love to be informed by facts.

We’ve helped plenty of businesses and homes move to better. And we really enjoy that this is getting easier, you most likely won’t ever need us.

What do CQ Wireless do then???? (apart from well scripted writings??) …… Well, say you need to control an irrigation pump 15kms from the office, link warehouses to office networks, control and track mobile/fixed assets remotely, design and execute on a digital first strategy in your business…. or just resolve WiFi performance issues across your company…. That’s us and that’s where we help often.

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